Manganese nitride

Manganese-aluminum alloy, also known as manganese element additive, is a new type of alloy that replaces the intermediate alloy. It is mainly used in different types of aluminum profiles and aluminum products. Adding a very small amount of manganese-aluminum alloy to steel and alloy can achieve purification of steel and The purpose of alloying.Manganese-aluminum alloy is a block-shaped article which is uniformly mixed with a pure metal powder and a flux having certain characteristics and then pressed.

Product Details:

Component analysis

Metal powder (manganese)



Sodium-free cosolvent, aluminum powder, cosolvent + aluminum powder

Weight specification

Ordinary product

200g, 500g, 1000g, can also be produced according to customer requirements

Product packaging

Ordinary product

Wrap the aluminum foil, put it in the carton, 24 kg / box; or pack it in a cowhide bag, 10-20 kg per sachet, then put it in a bag

other instructions

The product has a shelf life of 8 months and can also produce differentiated products according to customer requirements.

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